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The Twisted Podcast is available through iTunes, Spotify, Libsyn, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, and almost everywhere podcasts can be found.

John W. Taylor and Mike Manley developed the true crime podcast, Twisted, during the summer of 2015. John is currently hosting the show. The podcast provides listeners with analysis and opinions on the judicial system, criminal cases, and the darker side of human behavior. 

​​John W. Taylor​

John W. Taylor writes in the true crime genre and serves as the producer and host of Twisted, a podcast devoted to the analysis of true crime cases and related topics. Teaming with Javier Leiva of the Pretend Podcast, he also produces and co-hosts the episodic, true crime podcast Criminal Conduct, backed by Adverstisecast. John
 wrote and published Umbrella of Suspicion: Investigating the Death of JonBènet Ramsey and Isolated Incident: Investigating the Death of Nancy Cooper in 2012 and 2014, respectively.

He has contributed articles to the "All Things Crime" Blog , "Crime Traveller," and CourtJunkie. He is a licensed private investigator and former U.S. Secret Service agent. John currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri.   

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