Upcoming Episode: Death of Marilyn Monroe
What really happened?
Projected Date: June, 2017
The official manner of death was "probable suicide" and her cause of death was "overdose." Do the facts of circumstances of the case support the official conclusions?

Upcoming Episode: Lana Clarkson
Tragedy in Hollywood

Projected Date: June, 2017
The actress and fashion model was killed inside the home of famous record producer Phil Spector. He was charged with her murder, but he claimed it was an accidental suicide.

Upcoming Episode: Eve Carson
Taken Too Soon
Projected Date: Summer of 2017
University of North Carolina student body president, Eve Carson, was murdered in 2008. Her random murder caused panic in the small town community of Chapel Hill.

Upcoming Episode: DC Snipers
Where Everyone Was Vulnerable
Projected Date: Summer of 2017
A year after 9/11, John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo held the metropolitan area of Washington, DC hostage for three weeks with their random execution of citizens. The killing spree resulted in 10 deaths and three people being injured. In total, the snipers were responsible for 17 murders. How and why did the DC Snipers terrorize the nation’s capital?

Upcoming Episode: The Murder of John Lennon
The End of an Era
Projected Date: Summer of 2017
On December 8, 1980, Mark David Chapman killed  the Beatles' great, John Lennon, shocking the nation. What motivated a man to kill the famous icon? 

Upcoming Episode: Death of Pravin Varughese

Interview with Monica Zukas

Projected Date: Fall, 2017

Pravin Varughese, a 19-year-old Southern Illinois University student, was found dead on February 18, 2014 in a wooded area near Carbondale, Illinois. The official autopsy indicated a manner of death of "hypothermia." However, his family immediately noticed significant injuries to his head. And it was later learned that Pravin accepted a ride from a stranger on the night of his death and a fight occurred prior to him entering the woods. A second autopsy, commissioned by Pravin's family, determined the manner of death as "blunt trauma to the head." What happened to Pravin on that fateful night?

Upcoming Episode: Conspiracy to Assassinate Abraham Lincoln

When two or more Conspire

Projected Date: 2017

Discuss the conspiracy that killed a president and almost decapitated a nation. Lots of people believe many famous crimes were the result of a conspiracy. However, the assassination of President Lincoln was a conspiracy. We will analzye into the conspirators and the plan.