Upcoming Episode: The Murder of John Lennon
The End of an Era
Projected Date: Summer of 2017
On December 8, 1980, Mark David Chapman killed  the Beatles' great, John Lennon, shocking the nation. What motivated a man to kill the famous icon? 

Upcoming Episode: Death of Pravin Varughese

Interview with Monica Zukas

Projected Date: Fall, 2017

Pravin Varughese, a 19-year-old Southern Illinois University student, was found dead on February 18, 2014 in a wooded area near Carbondale, Illinois. The official autopsy indicated a manner of death of "hypothermia." However, his family immediately noticed significant injuries to his head. And it was later learned that Pravin accepted a ride from a stranger on the night of his death and a fight occurred prior to him entering the woods. A second autopsy, commissioned by Pravin's family, determined the manner of death as "blunt trauma to the head." What happened to Pravin on that fateful night?

Upcoming Episode: Conspiracy to Assassinate Abraham Lincoln

When two or more Conspire

Projected Date: 2017

Discuss the conspiracy that killed a president and almost decapitated a nation. Lots of people believe many famous crimes were the result of a conspiracy. However, the assassination of President Lincoln was a conspiracy. We will analzye into the conspirators and the plan.